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Posted: July 22, 2009 in Interviews
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What’s up, D-O-E here, introducing a new idea to the DIO blog. It’s called artist2artist – I’ll be interviewing other indie artists, trying to pick their minds a little bit and get some behind -the-scenes info. This is my first attempt at this, so here it goes…

Kung Fu Vampire live

Kung Fu Vampire live


I found out about Kung Fu Vampire when I was in Cali last year.  I really wanted to check out his live act, maybe even do a show with him. Unfortunately I never made it to the San Jose area where he was doing his thing. But thanks to the internet, I can have this conversation with him now. Enjoy.

DOE: So, your name is Kung Fu Vampire and you make music. Explain the meaning behind your name and the relationship between martial arts, hip hop, and the undead.

KFV: Without a doubt, people ask me that in every interview and I am never upset about answering it, it just always seems to be the first question. I have always had separate lives, my music life and personal life and slowly they became one. I can best describe the relationship as “The Yin and Yang of Fang.” Accepting the inner beast and expressing the truths about the dark sides of myself and life in general. I am on a constant quest for the highest quality protein, I am romantic, a blood luster, and martial arts and the asian culture have been a part of my world since a child. They really unify to make me, all day every day.

DOE: I mix genres in my music; some people love it, some don’t get it. How do people usually react to your gothic/hip hop blend?

KFV: It’s all positive these days. Back in the early 90’s people were super skeptical and either loved or hated it, but now people have come a round a bit. I am pushing Gothic Hip Hop as a viable genre. I even have going up officially in October.

DOE: You’ve done some shows recently with Esham and other horrorcore/wicked shit performers. Is the tour still going? How has it turned out?

KFV: We loved the tour – we are picking back up on another tour with Mars, Axe Murder Boyz & Project Born this September, pretty exciting. We were main support for Esham and his fans show us a lot of love and vice versa. We also will be opening for Tech N9ne on a leg of the fall tour for Krizz Kaliko’s release tour.

DOE: Any interesting stories from backstage?

KFV: What happens backstage, stays backstage, although I will say this: I got molested by beautiful women under a waterfall in the grotto of the Playboy Mansion after a show there in 2006.

DOE: How far do you usually travel on tour? I’d love to see you in New York.

KFV: Haven’t toured through New York, but will be hitting Midwest and as far as the Virginia Beach this fall/late summer.

DOE: Your act is theatrical; you look like a pimped out Anton LeVay, which is awesome. How important do you think image is for an independent artist?

KFV: I have been told I look like Ming from Flash Gordon, Anton LeVay, and more than anything else I get told I remind them of LoPan from Big Trouble in Little China. Image-wise I just do what I do. I never think of it as image, although I rarely step out of my outfits when I go in public. Apparently I am gimmicky because I actually put effort into my outfits instead of going to the mall and buying the same shit everyone else is wearing. It’s funny how close-minded some people’s children are, but yeah, I really can’t speak on the image importance thing too deeply because it has hurt my career more than helped.

DOE: Your style would definitely translate well into video or film projects. Anything like that on the horizon?

KFV: We just shot a video that comes out on 09.09.09 for the single “iCount” off of Dead Sexy, also going to be shooting another one in august. Pretty excited, I think people’s heads are gonna really turn when they finally get to see a video.

DOE: The thing I like about being an indie artist these days is we have more control over our careers than ever have before. A lot of underground artists have made successful empires on their own terms. What do you see in Kung Fu Vampire’s future?

KFV: Right now the online CD sales are slow, but they are picking up very slowly and I think just sticking to it will be so much better than trying to seek a big label. I am hoping to get signed to Strange Music within the next year. They have invited me to be backstage with them at Rock The Bells, so that will be fun and I will be networking and fully fitted for whatever comes my way.

DOE: That would be sick! Well, keep doing your thing – I think you’re on the right path. Last words, anything you wanna plug: the floor is yours.

KFV: I want people to make sure they understand that I produce the majority of my own music, I write all the hooks you hear and I sing on choruses as well. I play instruments and I am a composer. So for those out there who are confused or think I am just a rapper, they are now informed. Please log onto or iTunes and buy our new CD “Dead Sexy” you will be satisfied. Much respect to you, D-O-E.

click pic to visit official site

click pic to visit official site

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