Online Collaboration

Posted: September 9, 2009 in News
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Here at Sykophunk Productions, we embrace the unity of different genres and cultures for the sake of making great music and connecting underground fans from different walks of life. And the internet is where it’s happening. Some of our greatest collaborations have happened between artists who’ve never actually met face to face. We’re even starting to network with other indie labels online, promoting each other’s artists by working together on multiple levels.

Indaba is an awesome site that is down with the online collaboration revolution. It’s easy: you join, set up a profile, meet other artists, share ideas, upload files to the site, and add to each other’s work. They also have great contests. In fact, it was through an Indaba contest that our artist Dostah Shilailee got his music played on an episode of The Colbert Report. If you’re looking to collab with other artists or just want to check out some great music you might not hear otherwise, you should definitely check it out.

Our latest collab/remix collection, Deconstruction, is being released for free download this month. The album will be released in three phases of six songs each: phase one is online now until Sept. 10, when phase two will be available. Some of the collabs were created through Indaba. You can listen to and/or download them now @ If you like what you hear, please follow the links and support the hard-working artists that contributed to these great songs. It’s all for the love of the music and unifying people through the powerful gift of creativity… enjoy!


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