CD Review – DateMonthYear: Pot/Kettle/Black

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Reviews
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One of my favorite words lately is “epic,“ but it’s a powerful adjective so I try not to throw it around lightly. With that in mind, I have to say: the music of New Zealand’s DateMonthYear is epic! Droning noise fades in and dissolves into a movie soundtrack, then twists into experimental ambient drum-and-bass, making an abrupt turn towards melodic acid rock with a climax of haunting female vocals. That’s all in the first track, and it still doesn’t cover the entire musical spectrum at DateMonthYear’s disposal. Their album Pot/Kettle/Black also offers moments of rock/pop, ethereal ballads, and even country rock. This album is indeed unpredictable, leaping between genres and moods. Yet it is consistent in its solid sense of melody and rhythm. DateMonthYear insists it is not a band, even referring to itself as an “anti band,” leaving one to assume that this particular trio is just lucky to have such great chemistry. Either way, the songs are performed with passion, assuring an enjoyable listen for fans of various genres. Check them out at their official site – CLICK HERE.


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