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Posted: November 8, 2009 in Interviews
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There is a rebirth occurring over at Sykophunk Productions. For various reasons, artist D-O-E is officially changing his stage name to joe DOE. In the artist2artist tradition just recently started here at DIO, these two personas will have a conversation. Prepare to be confused, hopefully entertained, and maybe a little informed.

graveD-O-E: What’s up, me? How am I doing? Good, you hope.

Joe DOE: Please don’t do that.

D-O-E: My bad. So, the point of this is for you to answer questions that other interviews you may get probably won’t ask. But let’s start with an obvious one: why the name change?

Joe DOE: It’s all explained in the first song of my new mixtape project Who the Hell is joe DOE?! which will be available for free download on starting November 13, 2009.

D-O-E: Nice shameless plug.

Joe DOE: I learned from the best.

D-O-E: What can people expect from this mixtape?

Joe DOE: It’s short, only 9 songs, but it makes up for it by being fucking epic! I put as much effort into these songs as I normally would in an album twice as long. I’m trying to show that as joe DOE I’m putting more emphasis on writing songs, melody and variation, not just rhymes over beats. The hip hop element is still very important, but I’m gonna be adding a lot more singing and live instruments.

D-O-E: When will your debut post-rebirth album be released?

Joe DOE: Probably not until spring 2010, which is another reason why the mixtape had to be so epic – I gotta milk it for a while on the promotion tip. But it also gives me time to spread the word about the new name. I got a cool comic book style promo video for the mixtape that I posted online. I might do a little series of joe DOE video comics ‘cuz it looks dope! Something to get out there while the album’s being worked on.

D-O-E: Do you think you will gain more recognition as joe DOE?

Joe DOE: I fucking hope so! At least you can Google the goddamn name! I mean, it’ll take a while to make the full transition, not to mention all the legal shit I gotta do. But honestly, I think this is the beginning of earning the respect that I truly deserve as being the most potentially successful anti-mainstream artist ever.

D-O-E: And what happens to me?

Joe DOE: D-O-E and Doeboy are still my nicknames. My friends who have been calling me that for years aren’t gonna change just because I made a marketing decision. And the D-O-E albums already online at iTunes and all that will probably be available forever. I am thinking of re-releasing Be Middle Class or Die Trying with some bonus tracks under joe DOE. But from here on out, I’ll be releasing all of my music as joe DOE.

D-O-E: All of your music? What about Dostah Shilailee?

Joe DOE: Shit, I don’t know. Where has he been lately anyway?

D-O-E: I haven’t seen him in a while.

Joe DOE: If you do, let him know I said what up.

D-O-E: No doubt. So… what’s with the mask?mask2bwLogo

Joe DOE: I’m wearing a mask in my promo pics to symbolize the idea of the unknown – you know, joe DOE, John Doe. I ain’t a slave to no identity. Plus I think it looks badass, and I’m having fun changing it up every photo session. I haven’t decided yet if I’m gonna stay rocking the mask as joe DOE or not. I think I’m gonna leave that up to the fans. Then again, if people start hating on the mask, I’ll probably wear it out of spite just to piss people off.

D-O-E: What an asshole…

Joe DOE: Bullshitski, you fat crippled butt-fuck!

D-O-E: Well, good luck replacing me as the primary bread-winner of Sykophunk Productions.

Joe DOE: That’s a low bar to set for myself, buddy. Don’t worry about it – 2010 is mine! To everyone reading this: thanks for giving me your time, get that mixtape on Friday the 13th & bump the shit out of it, stay connected and keep your third eye open for the new flavor! See, I haven’t changed, just the name has. Ghost in a dream, out.

  1. Oh my god enjoyed reading this article. I added your feed to my blogreader!

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