Weekly Previews of Indie Music Artist joe DOE’s Upcoming Album

Posted: February 26, 2010 in News
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For Immediate Release

After producing 21 full-length albums for various acts and releasing many of them on his self-run label, Sykophunk Productions, hybrid hip hop artist joe DOE is preparing to return with a new solo album entitled Democalypse. DOE is posting preview tracks on the Sykophunk Weekly page of sykophunk.com; a new song every Friday until the album is released, starting February 26, 2010. This will give his current fans and new listeners five full-song samples of this intense, genre-bending album.

joe DOE has described Democalypse as his “most musically challenging album yet.” Though much of his material is still built around the hip hop staples of hard hitting beats and intricate rhymes, DOE also employs elements of metal, electronic, goth, and even melodic pop, in his continuing effort to push the sykophunk sound to the limit. A few contributing collaborators also bring their unique styles to some of the songs. The concept behind Democalypse is a near-future world in which an apocalypse occurs due to mankind’s own selfishness and greed. The content is heavy, occasionally lightened up by DOE’s sense of humor and ultimate belief that such a future can be avoided, even if it takes a revolution.

joe DOE is currently available for interviews. Democalypse will be available for press review and pre-order on March 8, 2010. The street date is March 30, 2010.

Click here to go to Sykophunk Weekly

  1. Elliott says:

    Great review – I have some bands (small leaks sink ships) that are just releasing some new material hit me up if you’re interested and I can send music and info over

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