Sykophunk Artists Debut New Songs With Live Performances

Posted: November 18, 2010 in News
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With recent talks of a full-length release from both Triple Vision and joe DOE scheduled to drop in early 2011, plus a Triple Vision mixtape going online November 26, 2010, the artists have been giving audiences a sneak peak of some new tracks through live performances. This past Tuesday, joe DOE performed a new song for the first time, “Bleed for the Night,” as well as an alternate version of “Epic Awesomeness,” at the Cubbyhole Coffee House in Poughkeespies, NY.

Last month, Triple Vision performed working versions of three new tracks at the same venue.

The performances and videos are a means to test out new material, as well as to generate awareness of their upcoming releases. Both artists plan on booking more gigs throughout the winter. Info on upcoming show dates and appearances can be found on the Sykophunk Productions Gigs & Events page.


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