joe DOE – Seximer track-by-track

Posted: December 21, 2010 in News, Reviews
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What’s up world? joe DOE here, reporting from the epicenter of the rEvolution Underground, Sykophunk Productions. My new EP, Seximer, is now available in CD or MP3 format, featuring remixes of songs from my albums Democalypse and Be Middle Class or Die Trying. Here is a track-by-track breakdown, along with some side notes and history.

Epic Awesomeness (badass remix) – I always felt that this song did a good job of summing up my versatility. It’s hard-hitting yet spiritually uplifting, with a hardcore industrial edge thanks to my man Randy Stockton from GrimWitcH. This version gives it a more banging beat and some extra guitar work, emphasizing the hip hop and metal influences at the same time.

Battle Scars (revisited remix) – A collaboration with my homegirl Christel South, and one of my best received songs. Most people are impressed with this one, especially when Christel drops her verse. The subject matter is intense and personal, yet on a level that a lot of people can relate to. This version keeps the gothic hip hop flavor of the original, adding more electronic elements and some fun vocal effects.

2012 (original remix) – This is the original mix of the song – a collaboration created on the site Indaba between myself, Time Traveling Terrapin, Ecks, and Dubby Dub. I did all of the vocals on this version; the others worked together on the beats and music. The closer we get to the year 2012, the more relevant these lyrics are. It’s not all “gloom and doom,” but it’s not nay saying either. Once again, the triangle finds a balance.

Sick Shit (raw remix) – This is the third version of this song. It was originally released as a mixtape track, and then I did a remix for Democalypse. A lot of people seem to dig this song too, which I guess is why I’ve put a version of it on every release since taking the name joe DOE. That’s it though – last time! This version features a stripped down beat, leaving the focus on my lyrics, because they are fucking bad ass.

Shitting in the Lap of Luxury (unplugged) – Here’s a rare treat indeed: an acoustic version of a joe DOE song, for real! Just my vocals, a little piano, and acoustic guitars provided by my old friend Thomas Scott Farrell. I like this even better than the original, mostly because I sung it a lot better on this version. This song really made me want to do more acoustic stuff in the future, so just a warning: I’ve been practicing my strumming!

Life (Will Never Be the Same Again) – This song is the story of my life and the history of how sykophunk came to be. Very close to my heart, but the old version contained obvious samples, so I couldn’t promote it as an original song. With the help of the talented Cherie O providing the female vocals for me, this version is all original music and still just as powerful as it ever was. A positive and heartfelt closing track for the EP.

Listen to audio samples and/or buy Seximer now on CD Baby.


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