A Good Example for Indie Lasers

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Interviews, Reviews, Views
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I don’t normally show love for any major label artists for two reasons: 1. their music usually sucks, and 2. I’d rather support smaller artists that actually need the exposure and don’t have backing from a label. But Lupe Fiasco is a rare exception to both of these principles. Lupe is on Atlantic Records, but he works with them on his own terms, and his fans have his back. He enjoys mainstream success but still speaks from an indie artist’s point of view, even through much of his music. And even while admittedly going for a more commercial sound, he makes deep songs that speak to the listener on multiple levels. The dude is just awesome, a rare breed indeed, and I encourage everyone to go out and buy his new album Lasers. Read this exclusive interview with Music Connection for more insight on Lasers and Lupe’s take on the music business. Recommended for fans, but even more so for indie artists trying to get somehwere with their music without being enslaved to a major label.

Click the pic to preview/purchase the album


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