Mostly Recycled

Posted: March 29, 2011 in News
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There’s a story behind every release that I unleash upon the world, and these tales aren’t always told through the music itself. Sometimes I think that if people knew about the ghetto tactics I must employ to even get an album out there, maybe they’d appreciate my art a little more. So for those interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff, here is the background and history of the new joe DOE album, Mostly Recycled Vol. 1, which is now available on CD or MP3 from

I chose the title Mostly Recycled early on, because I knew that I wanted to resurrect some older material. I also believe that the entertainment industry makes new hits mostly by recycling old stuff. I wanted to go all out with this one, so I licensed beats from top-notch underground producers from Shadowville Productions and Anno Domini (who have worked with such artists as DZK and Jedi Mind Tricks) among others. Mixing old and new material, the songs were epic and the recording sessions were going great… until my piece of shit car broke down and couldn’t get me to the studio anymore. With just two weeks left until my release date, I found myself with only half an album. But I had other rough collab tracks that have been sitting around, for a Triple Vision album that will probably never see the light of day. So basically, I put two unfinished albums together and called it Mostly Recycled Vol. 1. Crisis averted. It’s not exactly the album I wanted to put out, but it is 18 tracks of awesomeness featuring bonus material with guest vocalists from across the nation and producers from around the world. It’s an intense collection of songs and stands solidly on its own, but I still have a bunch of tracks that need to be finished. So this is volume one, with number two to follow at an undetermined time in the future.

Check out the promo video, containing previews of songs from Mostly Recycled volumes one and two.

  1. Louie . aka. Long kneck says:

    Get that shit out bro.Your doing it.. I Listen. Few people hear that

  2. G_Unit says:

    joe DOE, Just when I think it doesn’t get any better whoa it does.!!!! Yes. !!!! Your ” Mostly Recycled” comes out and it is Brilliant. !!!! Your Vocals, Lyrics and Sound Production are Outstanding. !!!!! I Love it. !!!! You are the most Creative and Unique Artist. !!!!! Awesome Simply Awesome. !!!!! Peace and Love Coming Right at You. !!!!! G_Unit

  3. jvb333 says:

    Thanks so much for the support yall! The rEvolution Underground means nothing without the people who really listen.

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