You Get What You Pay For

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Views

As I’ve said in the past, I’ve embraced the idea of giving out a lot of my music for free, because I’d rather do that than have people not listening at all. But let’s be honest here: I’d rather people paid for my music, especially for the albums that I personally fund to record and distribute. Free downloads may have devalued music for many people, as fans often forget that making music is also a business. I’ve never recouped my costs on an album – it’s only the love of my art that keeps me going. So for me, making music is emotionally satisfying but financially damaging. I’m not complaining – it’s my choice to continue on this path – I’m just stating the facts. An indie artist such as myself wants to make every release better, to progress and become more competitive with the other established acts out there. And fans always want more, the die hards eagerly awaiting the next release. But if everybody expects to get music for free, where exactly is the funding supposed to come from for all of this?

This article on EveningTimes isn’t exactly clear on who said the following quote; I believe it’s Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand. But this is sadly the truth right now for all musicians trying to get their music out to the world, indie or signed: “Most people don’t want to pay for their music, therefore don’t pay for new music to be made, which is fair enough. But they can’t expect to hear anything other than tunes recorded on a laptop in a bedroom.”

  1. Joe Bill says:

    As a writer and graphic designer, I often face people wanting everything for free as well. I can’t help but think there is a happy medium where people can buy music directly from the artists for a fair price that supports the both of them. I think the record companies have poisoned the well where this happy medium is involved, however.

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