Nocternal – Democalypse Trilogy part III

Posted: April 18, 2012 in News, Reviews
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When the Nocternal consumed us, we knew in our collective subconscious that it was our own doing. It was civilization’s inevitable doomsday. A world that we created, destroyed by the darkness spawned from that very world. A karmic cycle come full circle…


Click the pic to stream and/or download the entire album

The sequel to our 2010 album Democalypse, Nocternal paints a very dark picture – a future world of destruction and death caused by mankind’s failure to correct its own mistakes. Through eerily atmospheric and distrubingly gritty tracks of urban gothic soundscapes, the Sykophunk “team” unites to bring the final chapter of the trilogy with the proper amount of both mood and message. You can preview the entire Nocternal album on joe DOE’s Bandcamp page – download it if you like it, set your own price. You can order it on CD through the Sykophunk Store. This album will also be available as a pledge reward for the soon-to-be-launched Precipice fundraiser, the upcoming video game for which Sykophunk Productions will be providing music and audio design. Enjoy the darkness (after all, you helped create it!) and keep your third eye open for the final release in the trilogy, the prequel: Happocrisy. For more info and updates over time as the trilogy continues to unfold, stay tuned to


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