Triple Vision & Sykophunk – the future is now

Posted: January 16, 2013 in News
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Last time I posted on this blog, I announced the return of Triple Vision. This is what we’ve been doing in that 3 months or so. And we already have more shows booked. On top of new material from all of our artists and some affiliates, plus doing production work on a few projects, including video games and an upcoming animated film. 2013 is already looking like a busy year for Sykophunk Productions!

Upcoming releases include joe DOE’s EP 1 + 1 = Never (“love” songs for Valentine’s Day) and the Democalypse trilogy part one: Happocrisy, as well as Dostah Shilailee’s new album Masterpiece of Shit. Next for Triple Vision: other than more live shows, we’re working on new tracks for both a new album called Third Nature and a mixtape called Faceless Emoticon. Keep your third eye open for further details… Check out our full bio/EPK @


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