Projects and Releases on the Horizon

Posted: May 28, 2013 in News
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Wow, 2013 has been very good to Sykophunk Productions so far! Triple Vision is doing 4 to 5 shows a month. We’re getting a lot of local Fort Wayne love, and I can’t begin to express how much it is appreciated. We’re doing something special soon as a thank you to our fans. There is so much talent in this city, and we’ve had the privilege lately of jamming and networking with some amazing people. It’s a great scene to be a part of.


The Sykophunk studio is also back in action, as we lay down demo tracks for a few summer releases. Keep your third eye open for some upcoming collabs and new material from Triple Vision, joe DOE, the elusive Dostah Shilailee, and of course the Democalypse prequel Happocrisy. Plus more live shows – hopefully spreading out regionally towards the end of the summer. I am also continuing composing/sound design work on two huge projects: an animated horror film and a dark post-apocalyptic video game.


Thanks again to everyone involved in this movement and supporting real underground, truly independent music. The team, the fans, the artists – we love you all. Your energy keeps our momentum going forward. Blessed be.


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