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Emotional Moods, Joseph VanBuren’s latest collection of instrumentals, has already gained some praise from the online community. Here are some of the nice words people have said about the music:

“This is amazing. I love this… the spacey landscapes of an almost forgotten world. Barren, yet with glimpses of life peeping through the earth.”
– Nigel Lloyd-Latham, Indaba user

Quotes from the focus group:

“I really like this. It has a very nice harmonious soothing touch to it. It just goes to show what one can do with music, even without the indefinite power of lyrics.”

“Very enjoyable music – very pleasant vibe. The mix and production are excellent. Good variety in the music.”

“I like this music. It takes my mind off the stress of the day.”

Emotional Moods is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other places online – CLICK HERE for a list of links where you can stream and/or download the album.



When the Nocternal consumed us, we knew in our collective subconscious that it was our own doing. It was civilization’s inevitable doomsday. A world that we created, destroyed by the darkness spawned from that very world. A karmic cycle come full circle…


Click the pic to stream and/or download the entire album

The sequel to our 2010 album Democalypse, Nocternal paints a very dark picture – a future world of destruction and death caused by mankind’s failure to correct its own mistakes. Through eerily atmospheric and distrubingly gritty tracks of urban gothic soundscapes, the Sykophunk “team” unites to bring the final chapter of the trilogy with the proper amount of both mood and message. You can preview the entire Nocternal album on joe DOE’s Bandcamp page – download it if you like it, set your own price. You can order it on CD through the Sykophunk Store. This album will also be available as a pledge reward for the soon-to-be-launched Precipice fundraiser, the upcoming video game for which Sykophunk Productions will be providing music and audio design. Enjoy the darkness (after all, you helped create it!) and keep your third eye open for the final release in the trilogy, the prequel: Happocrisy. For more info and updates over time as the trilogy continues to unfold, stay tuned to

In the spirit of indie horror and expreiMental art, Sykophunk Productions proudly presents Dark Moods – the first in a series of mood specific music for licensing. We’re starting the series off with one of our specialties: horror music. Eerie ambience, gothic melodies, twisted soundscapes. 15 tracks of such dark delights, invoking images of madness and the macabre. Turn out the lights, put on your headphones, and bug yourself out to some audio horror stories. Available both for licensing and for digital download for your personal listening experience.

This is just one of the steps in our new focus on licensing and soundtrack work. JVB is also providing the score and sound design for the upcoming video game Precipice. For more examples of our work in this area, please visit our new site:

New Year’s rEvolution 2011 recap

Posted: December 26, 2011 in News, Reviews

It’s that time of year again. Time to recap all of the accomplishments (and occasional shortcomings) of Sykophunk Productions in the past twelve months, and to set the foundation of battle plans for the upcoming year. In my personal life, 2011 brought a fair share of tragedy and stagnation. Doing my best to transform negative energy into creative forces, I ended up with a lot of music (120 tracks this year – new record?) and a few other creative outlets as well. This is a long post, because I’ve done a lot of shit this past year! Feel free to visit the links and look back with me on an absurdly productive 2011.

I started 2011 off making instrumental music for my licensing catalog. Some of these tracks were compiled into the album Where Angels and Eagles Soar, which I released under my birth name and dedicated to my stepfather, who left this earth on January 20 after a seven-year battle with cancer. After a period of grief and reflection, I made the album available in March. The other project I did under my birth name was Abandoned, a multimedia experience of horror and Hudson Valley folklore consisting of 15 tracks and 6 videos, co-produced by Ryan McClellan of Khaos Records/New Breed Media. In June, Indaba interviewed me about film music, which made me feel awesome.

As joe DOE, I recorded a total of three releases. Originally a mixtape idea, Mostly Recycled was released to fans in two volumes (including bonus tracks) before the official retail album was released in June. It’s available worldwide, on iTunes, Amazon, etc. I started work on new joe DOE material in September, including solo stuff and collaborations, occasionally posting previews on Sykophunk Weekly and/or Facebook. Being on top of the Occupy movement from the beginning, I made a sick video for the rEvolution. I played a kick-ass Halloween show at the biggest local music venue in my area. In December, I dropped the EP Tripolar and the mixtape Collaboremixtape 2011, both for free download.

Under my most mysterious alias, Dostah Shilailee, I released an album for free download, Copyright Laws Are For Pussies, in April. As the name suggests, the music contains its share of uncleared samples and unlicensed remixes; perhaps that is one reason why I didn’t promote this release much. Dostah is always my most incognito alter ego, and 2011 proved no different in this regard.

As for writing projects, I started the Other Shadows blog in May, named after my short story collection. Within two months, I was already too wrapped up in music projects to show my writing any love, so the blog became inactive. Towards the end of the year, however, I decided to meet a self-given deadline and finish the first draft of my first screenplay by the end of the year. I have other writing projects on the table and hope to bring the blog back from the dead early next year.

And what else is in store for Sykophunk Productions in 2012? I’ll break it down in my next post… keep your third eye open. And for anyone that actually read this whole thing, you’re probably the same down-ass people that stuck with me and all my craziness all year. I can’t express how much I appreciate it. The only way I know to thank yall is to keep going despite the odds.

Update 12-11: The complete 9-song EP was finally released for free download on joe DOE’s Bandcamp page. Also, check out the “lyrics” video for I’m Sorry.

The latest from joe DOE marks a transitional period for Sykophunk Productions, resulting in freebies for fans. The 6-song EP Tripolar consists of all the genre-bending artcore and epic awesomeness DOE is known for, with hard-hitting & heartfelt hip hop mixing with dark soundscapes and morbid content, just as the warmth of summer starts to make room for the witching season. Available for free download, the tracks are being released weekly on Facebook. A new song will be posted on joe DOE’s Facebook page every Friday for six weeks. The first track, “I’m Sorry,” was posted on September 2, 2011.

I don’t normally show love for any major label artists for two reasons: 1. their music usually sucks, and 2. I’d rather support smaller artists that actually need the exposure and don’t have backing from a label. But Lupe Fiasco is a rare exception to both of these principles. Lupe is on Atlantic Records, but he works with them on his own terms, and his fans have his back. He enjoys mainstream success but still speaks from an indie artist’s point of view, even through much of his music. And even while admittedly going for a more commercial sound, he makes deep songs that speak to the listener on multiple levels. The dude is just awesome, a rare breed indeed, and I encourage everyone to go out and buy his new album Lasers. Read this exclusive interview with Music Connection for more insight on Lasers and Lupe’s take on the music business. Recommended for fans, but even more so for indie artists trying to get somehwere with their music without being enslaved to a major label.

Click the pic to preview/purchase the album

Where Angels and Eagles Soar

This is the latest collection of instrumentals from Sykophunk founder and electronic composer Joseph VanBuren. Dedicated to JVB’s stepfather, who recently left this earth, Where Angels and Eagles Soar contains 12 tracks of soothing sounds that pull the strings of the heart and push the limits of the soul. New age, ambient, chill out/trip hop music that is often mysterious and solemn but ultimately thought-provoking and spiritualy uplifting. JVB will be putting all proceeds from album sales and licensing deals into the Firefly Cottage Fund, to help his mother start her own business and stay on her feet in these challenging times.

Preview tracks from this album on our licensing site, where you can also order your copy today, in your choice of MP3 or CD format. Also available at the Sykophunk Store. We’ll soon start an official fundraiser for the Firefly Cottage Fund, at which time we will be accepting donations and rewarding supporters with exclusive items and experiences. If you’d like to help spread the word or just want to be informed when the fundraiser begins, please contact us for further details.