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WARNING: disturbing content based on real life accounts.
It is recommended that you listen to this album through headphones in a dark and quiet room. Close your eyes as you listen and watch the story unfold in your mind’s eye.


Emotional Moods, Joseph VanBuren’s latest collection of instrumentals, has already gained some praise from the online community. Here are some of the nice words people have said about the music:

“This is amazing. I love this… the spacey landscapes of an almost forgotten world. Barren, yet with glimpses of life peeping through the earth.”
– Nigel Lloyd-Latham, Indaba user

Quotes from the focus group:

“I really like this. It has a very nice harmonious soothing touch to it. It just goes to show what one can do with music, even without the indefinite power of lyrics.”

“Very enjoyable music – very pleasant vibe. The mix and production are excellent. Good variety in the music.”

“I like this music. It takes my mind off the stress of the day.”

Emotional Moods is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other places online – CLICK HERE for a list of links where you can stream and/or download the album.


True, I haven’t posted on this blog in quite some time. But rest assured, Sykophunk Productions has not slowed down a bit. We’re preparing to relocate back to the midwest, to reunite the Triple Vision team and throw some all new flavor at the world. So I’ve been doing my best to wrap up all current projects & unleash them upon the world.

Recently, Sykophunk Productions dropped two digital mixtapes: You and Your Friends are Dead. Game Over by joe DOE, and the collab collection VERSEatility from Jahg and joe DOE. We released both of these on Bandcamp as a “set your own price” model. You know the deal: donations always appreciated but not required. The most important thing is that if you like what you hear, share it with your friends and enemies & bump it for the rEvolution Underground.  Another project I’m currently working on is Abandoned Revisited. I had to take one more trip to the asylum before leaving the Hudson Valley for a while, so new videos for the Abandoned series are inevitably being produced.

So, what’s on the horizon for Sykophunk? The next release will probably be the joe DOE & GrimWitcH collab album, followed shortly by a new Triple Vision album/mixtape. Hopefully some more collabs with Christel South as well. And somewhere in there, I’ll find the time to finish and release Happocrisy, the prequel to Democalypse. As the fire of summer burns off, melting into the inspirational smoke of autumn, keep your Third Eye open for more epic awesomeness in the near future…

In the spirit of indie horror and expreiMental art, Sykophunk Productions proudly presents Dark Moods – the first in a series of mood specific music for licensing. We’re starting the series off with one of our specialties: horror music. Eerie ambience, gothic melodies, twisted soundscapes. 15 tracks of such dark delights, invoking images of madness and the macabre. Turn out the lights, put on your headphones, and bug yourself out to some audio horror stories. Available both for licensing and for digital download for your personal listening experience.

This is just one of the steps in our new focus on licensing and soundtrack work. JVB is also providing the score and sound design for the upcoming video game Precipice. For more examples of our work in this area, please visit our new site:

Where Angels and Eagles Soar

This is the latest collection of instrumentals from Sykophunk founder and electronic composer Joseph VanBuren. Dedicated to JVB’s stepfather, who recently left this earth, Where Angels and Eagles Soar contains 12 tracks of soothing sounds that pull the strings of the heart and push the limits of the soul. New age, ambient, chill out/trip hop music that is often mysterious and solemn but ultimately thought-provoking and spiritualy uplifting. JVB will be putting all proceeds from album sales and licensing deals into the Firefly Cottage Fund, to help his mother start her own business and stay on her feet in these challenging times.

Preview tracks from this album on our licensing site, where you can also order your copy today, in your choice of MP3 or CD format. Also available at the Sykophunk Store. We’ll soon start an official fundraiser for the Firefly Cottage Fund, at which time we will be accepting donations and rewarding supporters with exclusive items and experiences. If you’d like to help spread the word or just want to be informed when the fundraiser begins, please contact us for further details.

One of my favorite words lately is “epic,“ but it’s a powerful adjective so I try not to throw it around lightly. With that in mind, I have to say: the music of New Zealand’s DateMonthYear is epic! Droning noise fades in and dissolves into a movie soundtrack, then twists into experimental ambient drum-and-bass, making an abrupt turn towards melodic acid rock with a climax of haunting female vocals. That’s all in the first track, and it still doesn’t cover the entire musical spectrum at DateMonthYear’s disposal. Their album Pot/Kettle/Black also offers moments of rock/pop, ethereal ballads, and even country rock. This album is indeed unpredictable, leaping between genres and moods. Yet it is consistent in its solid sense of melody and rhythm. DateMonthYear insists it is not a band, even referring to itself as an “anti band,” leaving one to assume that this particular trio is just lucky to have such great chemistry. Either way, the songs are performed with passion, assuring an enjoyable listen for fans of various genres. Check them out at their official site – CLICK HERE.