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Project D.O.T.A. #TheEndIsNear is now available! You can stream and/or download the digital tracks from the Sykophunk bandcamp page or order it on CD from the Sykophunk Store. BOOM! Oh yeah, and here’s a preview of joe DOE’s upcoming bad ass mixtape dropping next month on Friday the 13th:


Now available for pre-order! Reserve your copy today & get 3 exclusive bonus tracks – that’s a total of 27 hybrid hip hop tracks! This is a rare once-in-a-purple-moon opportunity so pre-order your copy today! Only available on the Sykophunk Productions Bandcamp page:

Last time I posted on this blog, I announced the return of Triple Vision. This is what we’ve been doing in that 3 months or so. And we already have more shows booked. On top of new material from all of our artists and some affiliates, plus doing production work on a few projects, including video games and an upcoming animated film. 2013 is already looking like a busy year for Sykophunk Productions!

Upcoming releases include joe DOE’s EP 1 + 1 = Never (“love” songs for Valentine’s Day) and the Democalypse trilogy part one: Happocrisy, as well as Dostah Shilailee’s new album Masterpiece of Shit. Next for Triple Vision: other than more live shows, we’re working on new tracks for both a new album called Third Nature and a mixtape called Faceless Emoticon. Keep your third eye open for further details… Check out our full bio/EPK @

rEvolutionary rap with that hardcore swag…


The new mixtape/album from Triple Vision, Mic Checkmate, is now available online for stream or download! Check out Sykophunk Productions’ newest collection of epic awesomeness – preview every song in its entirety. Buy Now and receive three exclusive bonus tracks! Keep your third eye open for more videos of live shows supporting the release.


We were voted in the top 10 Fort Wayne hip hop acts in Whatzup magazine in 2011, after not even being on the scene for almost 3 years! The people have spoken. So now we’re working on a new mixtape/album to bring more entertainment and enlightenment, rEvolutionary rap with that hardcore swag, putting the midwest in Mic Checkmate…

Check out our official comeback video for the song “Still Got Fire”


We plan on dropping a video of some sort every Friday until the album release on Halloween, so subscribe to our Youtube channel and like us on Facebook for updates. Keep your Third Eye open for more epic awesomeness in the near future.

True, I haven’t posted on this blog in quite some time. But rest assured, Sykophunk Productions has not slowed down a bit. We’re preparing to relocate back to the midwest, to reunite the Triple Vision team and throw some all new flavor at the world. So I’ve been doing my best to wrap up all current projects & unleash them upon the world.

Recently, Sykophunk Productions dropped two digital mixtapes: You and Your Friends are Dead. Game Over by joe DOE, and the collab collection VERSEatility from Jahg and joe DOE. We released both of these on Bandcamp as a “set your own price” model. You know the deal: donations always appreciated but not required. The most important thing is that if you like what you hear, share it with your friends and enemies & bump it for the rEvolution Underground.  Another project I’m currently working on is Abandoned Revisited. I had to take one more trip to the asylum before leaving the Hudson Valley for a while, so new videos for the Abandoned series are inevitably being produced.

So, what’s on the horizon for Sykophunk? The next release will probably be the joe DOE & GrimWitcH collab album, followed shortly by a new Triple Vision album/mixtape. Hopefully some more collabs with Christel South as well. And somewhere in there, I’ll find the time to finish and release Happocrisy, the prequel to Democalypse. As the fire of summer burns off, melting into the inspirational smoke of autumn, keep your Third Eye open for more epic awesomeness in the near future…

Update 12-11: The complete 9-song EP was finally released for free download on joe DOE’s Bandcamp page. Also, check out the “lyrics” video for I’m Sorry.

The latest from joe DOE marks a transitional period for Sykophunk Productions, resulting in freebies for fans. The 6-song EP Tripolar consists of all the genre-bending artcore and epic awesomeness DOE is known for, with hard-hitting & heartfelt hip hop mixing with dark soundscapes and morbid content, just as the warmth of summer starts to make room for the witching season. Available for free download, the tracks are being released weekly on Facebook. A new song will be posted on joe DOE’s Facebook page every Friday for six weeks. The first track, “I’m Sorry,” was posted on September 2, 2011.