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WARNING: disturbing content based on real life accounts.
It is recommended that you listen to this album through headphones in a dark and quiet room. Close your eyes as you listen and watch the story unfold in your mind’s eye.


True, I haven’t posted on this blog in quite some time. But rest assured, Sykophunk Productions has not slowed down a bit. We’re preparing to relocate back to the midwest, to reunite the Triple Vision team and throw some all new flavor at the world. So I’ve been doing my best to wrap up all current projects & unleash them upon the world.

Recently, Sykophunk Productions dropped two digital mixtapes: You and Your Friends are Dead. Game Over by joe DOE, and the collab collection VERSEatility from Jahg and joe DOE. We released both of these on Bandcamp as a “set your own price” model. You know the deal: donations always appreciated but not required. The most important thing is that if you like what you hear, share it with your friends and enemies & bump it for the rEvolution Underground.  Another project I’m currently working on is Abandoned Revisited. I had to take one more trip to the asylum before leaving the Hudson Valley for a while, so new videos for the Abandoned series are inevitably being produced.

So, what’s on the horizon for Sykophunk? The next release will probably be the joe DOE & GrimWitcH collab album, followed shortly by a new Triple Vision album/mixtape. Hopefully some more collabs with Christel South as well. And somewhere in there, I’ll find the time to finish and release Happocrisy, the prequel to Democalypse. As the fire of summer burns off, melting into the inspirational smoke of autumn, keep your Third Eye open for more epic awesomeness in the near future…

When the Nocternal consumed us, we knew in our collective subconscious that it was our own doing. It was civilization’s inevitable doomsday. A world that we created, destroyed by the darkness spawned from that very world. A karmic cycle come full circle…


Click the pic to stream and/or download the entire album

The sequel to our 2010 album Democalypse, Nocternal paints a very dark picture – a future world of destruction and death caused by mankind’s failure to correct its own mistakes. Through eerily atmospheric and distrubingly gritty tracks of urban gothic soundscapes, the Sykophunk “team” unites to bring the final chapter of the trilogy with the proper amount of both mood and message. You can preview the entire Nocternal album on joe DOE’s Bandcamp page – download it if you like it, set your own price. You can order it on CD through the Sykophunk Store. This album will also be available as a pledge reward for the soon-to-be-launched Precipice fundraiser, the upcoming video game for which Sykophunk Productions will be providing music and audio design. Enjoy the darkness (after all, you helped create it!) and keep your third eye open for the final release in the trilogy, the prequel: Happocrisy. For more info and updates over time as the trilogy continues to unfold, stay tuned to

In the spirit of indie horror and expreiMental art, Sykophunk Productions proudly presents Dark Moods – the first in a series of mood specific music for licensing. We’re starting the series off with one of our specialties: horror music. Eerie ambience, gothic melodies, twisted soundscapes. 15 tracks of such dark delights, invoking images of madness and the macabre. Turn out the lights, put on your headphones, and bug yourself out to some audio horror stories. Available both for licensing and for digital download for your personal listening experience.

This is just one of the steps in our new focus on licensing and soundtrack work. JVB is also providing the score and sound design for the upcoming video game Precipice. For more examples of our work in this area, please visit our new site:

“Music enhances the mood of movie scenes by speaking to our emotions, sometimes subconsciously, giving the audience a deeper connection with the characters and events in the film.”

Indaba was cool enough to give me a quick interview the other day about music in movies. They posted it on their blog – check it out here.

One of my favorite people to collaborate with, Randy Stockton is also the man behind the curtain for several music acts as well as the upcoming video series, Haunted. Even with so much on his plate, he took the time to answer some questions from me, Joseph VanBuren, fellow overworked, multiple-alias indie artist.

GrimWitcH on Myspace

JVB: First thing’s first: you have a new GrimWitcH album coming out. Let’s talk about that.

RS: The new album is entitled Legacy, and it will have music on it spanning the 11 years GW has been making music. It’ll have around 21 tracks. Some of the tracks are from the past and some are new. I wanted to make this album like a “Best Of” but with new tracks on it as well. It has the title for a reason. This may be the last album for this project. More about that later.

JVB: You’re also working on the Unknown Subject project, right?

RS: Yes, I’m working on some new tracks with the Un-Sub project. I haven’t been producing much as of late for that project, and I feel it’s time to add some new stuff to keep it alive and kicking. I just don’t want to see Unknown Subject die because it’s now the oldest music project that is still around that I’ve worked on. From 1998 till present day and still holding strong. So new tracks and albums will be going online at Beta Records this summer 2010.

JVB: Will these be Dark Offerings releases? What exactly happened with Dark Offerings anyway?

Unknown Subject on Beta Records

RS: Well, first of all, Dark Offerings is still alive and producing new artists and music. The big problems we ran into had to do with the video series Haunted that we have been shooting for the past year. You know when you get so many people together on one project that it can turn into a nightmare very fast. Well, that’s what happened. I had to make a choice to tell some of the folks involved to just walk away because it was not working well with them in the mix. It all came down to scrubbing the project or making changes, and I want the project to work so I made the choice to get rid of the problems.

After the changes, some of the people involved with Dark Offerings made a choice to quit us all together, so we lost about three of our bands in the deal. It’s all for the better. It will take more time to get the Haunted project done, but it will get done the way it was to be done in the first place. And yes, the new albums coming out for Un-Sub and GrimWitcH will be Dark Offerings releases.

JVB: I can definitely relate to that: sometimes too many ideas and egos actually hinder a project instead of help it. Kind of what happens with Triple Vision every time we try to get together again. But going back to Haunted, some people might not even know that when you’re not making music, you are a professional ghost hunter. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever experienced doing that?

RS: While shooting the Haunted series this past fall 2009, we caught on film what is called a “Shadow Person” in a church in west North Carolina in full view of the camera. We filmed this in a room that had no exits other than the one the static IR camera was sitting in, so we know it was not a member of the crew walking about in the room. Whatever it was never came out, but when we went into the room ourselves nothing was there. Thanks to the camera filming at the time we caught the whole thing, which lasted only about 10 seconds.

JVB: That’s cool, I love that kind of shit. Your music often invokes a dark mood. How much of that do you think is inspired by your ghost hunting?

RS: I don’t know if my music is inspired by the ghost hunting I do, but the subject matter of all things paranormal is a big part of my music.

JVB: So what other plans do you have for this year?

RS: 2010 will be filled with, for the most part, video shoots for the Haunted series, as well as making cool new videos for the new GrimWitcH album and the Unknown Subject project. I’ll be producing music for other projects as well (got to make money), plus lots of collab work with other music projects.

JVB: Including me, hopefully. When are you going to come to New York and rock a show with me, maybe hunt some ghosts up here? There are tons of supposedly haunted spots in my area.

RS: That would be wicked! Do you have room at your place for me? I don’t take up much room. I would love to join in a few shows with you, and it would be great to look into some of those haunted places in your area. We’ll have to make that happen. I can see the newspaper headlines now: “Two Artists Gone Missing” and they find our video cameras with footage of us being taken apart by some paranormal entity or something and we are never seen again. Sounds cool, let’s do it! Hahaha!

JVB: Hell yeah, Blair Witch status. We’ll definitely have to set something up, maybe in the summer or something. Well man, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me. Anything else you want to say?

RS: I would like to thank all our fans for staying with us all these years and let them know we are not done yet. Lots to come before I end this. Thank you all for your support, and we love you all! You all ROCK!