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Project D.O.T.A. #TheEndIsNear is now available! You can stream and/or download the digital tracks from the Sykophunk bandcamp page or order it on CD from the Sykophunk Store. BOOM! Oh yeah, and here’s a preview of joe DOE’s upcoming bad ass mixtape dropping next month on Friday the 13th:


One more week and the new release from Sykophunk Productions​ drops! Project D.O.T.A. featuring BL8​ and joe DOE​ – redefining horrorcore. It’s sad but true that even in the most underground & local levels, a lot of artists these days rely too much on gimmicks and already done formulas. The market is saturated with staleness. We’re choosing quality over quantity and putting out dark music that speaks about true terror… mostly 😉 Not that “we sing about murder and scary stuff, ain’t we cool” bullshit that’s been done to death. This project has a theme and a message – I’m proud of this release and can’t wait to share it with yall!

official Project D.O.T.A. page on – click here

KidCrusher is a no-holds barred underground horrorcore artist from Australia. Through dedicated online promotion, and with the help of a sick professional video for his song “Meet the Monstors,” he has gained a lot of attention from Juggalos and fans of dark hybrid music. He was cool enough to give me some time recently and answer a few questions.

joe DOE: You’ve been making music since about 1996. What first made you want to make music, and what draws you to the dark side of art?

KidCrusher: I was always in my own world growing up, throughout school, doing my own creative things, writing and performing when I should have been learning. I would say movies was my first push to want to be some sort of character, other than just another rapper. In early days, the first rappers I looked up to was stuff like Kriss Kross, Run Dmc, Tupac, Spice 1 and The Berzerker. I started recording on double tape decks with friends and I just loved the feeling of a finished product, so I continued to deliver work for my own fun of it. Throughout high school, when I first heard the Amazing Jeckel Brothers, I was possessed by the wicked shit; also fell into alot of metal like Mudvayne, System of a Down, Korn and Slipknot. That’s what really drove me into what I’m doing now.

JD: What’s the horrorcore scene like in Southern Australia?

KC: All over Australia it’s pretty slow, but my shows have been decent enough for me to want to go out every few months and rock it.

JD: Controversial music is always used as a scapegoat by the media and people that are uninformed about certain genres. What do you say to people that think your music might have a negative influence on some of the kids that listen to it?

KC: Well, like I and many say: horrorcore is all fictional entertainment, and to me its nothing different from a kid watching a horror movie. They really shouldn’t be watching it, but shit happens.

JD: For those that don’t know, you’ve been basically banned from the U.S. until 2012. What the hell for?

KC: A few years ago in my city, I got stung buying a bag of marijuana from a house. Got fined $500. I went to travel to America a couple years later for the GOTJ in 2008, but I was denied entry as they want me to wait and be good for 5 years from my fine date before they will approve my visa. Stuck in jail down here basically.

JD: That sucks man. Is there any chance of you signing with Psychopathic Records or Hatchet House, once your legal shit clears up? Is that something you’d be interested in?

KC: I’ve always supported Psychopathic, promoting it to drive my fans to listen to their positive words which changed my life. I would probably have to clean up my act (meaning drive away from so much murder music), but if the option pops up I’ll be keen to run with Psychopathic or the Hatchet House for sure.

JD: Either way, you’re definitely gonna tour the U.S. in 2012, right? I’m sure you have fans here that are asking you to come to their city.

KC: Yes, I will be planning on flying over in August to chill out, then do some shows towards the end of the world as we know it 🙂

JD: Are you working on some new material for release in 2011? When can we expect a new album or another sick video?

KC: I’m always working on something new, I can’t stop… I don’t know why, haha. I dropped a hint at the end of my latest album THE GRINCH on the final track of what’s coming. I will be working with an old friend on the record 🙂

JD: Obviously, horror movies are a big influence on your sound and style. What are your top 5 favorite horror movies?

KC: Braindead, Cloverfield, Tremors 2, Paranormal Activity & The Frighteners. I could go on forever though, as I’m a bit of a freak for movies, haha.

JD: Any last words, plugs, shout outs or fuck yous?

KC: Yeah. Fuck You. Haha nah, much love for the interview. Keep up!

For more info, media & to buy KidCrusher music, check out his official site.